finding inspiration in every turn and things i love.

Lorena Sy, the owner of The Rebel Gyp Dried Florals, first started creating at the tender age of 9.

She started drawing, colouring and making clothes for paper dolls and sells it to her classmates.

Then she was assigned to decorate bulletin boards in elementary at her school. Composition was innate at a young age.

Styling at the time, that was not shown on social media was already a thing for her.

She has an interest in all things about design. She study Art School and finished a degree in Business. 

So the seeds in creating were sown and life goes on.

When she experienced a major life change, Lorena was inspired to transition to floral design because

of the creative freedom inherent in floral expression. With a genuine passion for flowers, love of nature, a strong sense of colour and her keen eye for design - Creating magical spaces and  curating florals is what she wanted to impart.


The name, Our story


The Rebel Gyp is about Gypsophila (commonly known as Baby's Breath)

Gyp as its shorten name. The Rebel depicts the contradictions in design from traditional to progressive. The heavenly quality and the romantic allure it naturally has mixed with other flowers is where the narratives of design the Rebel Gyp is. Our design philosophy free spirited, ethereal and grandiose.